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International student at Roosevelt UniversityAnna Amelichkina 

from: Ukraine

ISC program: International Year

joined the ISC: August 2013

"I came to the USA because American diploma is useful everywhere. Everything here is new and I was very depressed first days, because I'm alone here and far from home. Fortunately, everything became easier because of help of International Study Center. They help you to adapt in a new place and to feel safety. The main reason I chose Roosevelt University is location. I wanted to study in the big industry city and Chicago is a best place for studying. Also the Wabash Building looks amazing. I appreciate friendly relationships with teachers who train me very nicely. I don't have problems with writing at all now. We practice so many types of writing, so now it's easy for me to write about any issue. In Ukraine, our classes contained 30 people and it was difficult for teacher to convey all the information. Here, I feel like a child, because the teachers are warm and treat us like family, but at home it was opposite. I live in Wabash Building on the 17 th floor at the single room, but unfortunately I have share shower and toilet. But the best thing in my room is the views from the windows. My favorite place is my room, because its my territory and I can do everything here.  I usually explore the city. Here is so many places to visit. I try to go all of the museums and galleries. I really like the architecture in Chicago. Its not a usual American city with skyscrapers, its a place with wonderful architecture and history of each of them. It’s my first time in the USA, so it’s something new for me. The style of life, the mentality of people, buildings and culture are very interesting for me. I want to travel around all America!"

International student at Roosevelt UniversityIuliia Kadochina
from: Russia

ISC program: International Year

joined the ISC: August 2013

"I chose the United States because US is very developed country. All the best world’s business was set up here. I want to study business in country where business people are good at business. I did not send my document to Roosevelt University myself; Study Group did it for me because I was afraid of doing mistakes. I chose Roosevelt because it is located in Chicago. I walk around the city, visit museums, do shopping, eat in different cafes. I like that people are polite and nice, always say hello to you. Cities are very modern and safe. Chicago is very beautiful city – smaller than LA, cleaner that NY. There are many things to do. Teachers are smart and nice. I get much information from them. Teachers in the US are more easygoing and very honest. Wabash building is very beautiful. I live in Wabash building. My room is small, but comfortable for me. I like my room and fitness center. It is very convenient!"

International student at Roosevelt UniversityYuling Wang 

from: China

ISC program: Pre-Master's

joined the ISC: August 2013

"I think the education in the USA is the best in world. I want have the experience of study overseas, it can help me to find a better job in China. Every teacher is so nice here. They are very thoughtful and take care of all of us. They will plan some special events to help us know more about Chicago. And also the classes are all interesting and useful. The relationship between teacher and student is much closer than in my home country. Here participation in the class is really important, teacher prefer student to share ideas. Teachers also told us about how to protect ourselves when we are alone on the street, what to carry with or to keep at home. They teach us more than knowledge. Roosevelt is a really good university with the best location in Chicago. If you live in campus you can find whatever you want in 10 minutes by walking. It is so convenient for an international student. And also you can learn well in Roosevelt, the teachers there are so amazing. You will not regret to enjoy us in Roosevelt."