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International Study Center Scholarships for Roosevelt University

The International Study Center at Roosevelt University offers a scholarship program for international students who have shown exceptional academic excellence in their previous studies.

Scholarship Program Details

We do not offer full scholarships for international students at Roosevelt University International Study Center.

Scholarships available are:

  • a one-time, partial scholarship of  up to $5,000
  • granted to a total of 1 applicant for the Summer 2015 intake and 3 applicants for the Fall 2015 intake
  • for the International Year One undergraduate pathway program applicants only
  • applicable on the tuition amount only
  • merit-based; see eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria for International Study Center Scholarship

Country Qualification Scholarship Criteria
China Senior Middle 3 -75%
Korea Inmungye Kodung Hakkyo Rank 5
Taiwan Senior High School Graduation Certificate 65%
Hong Kong HKDSE Level 2 in academic subjects
Macau Certificate of Higher Education (Form 6) 11.5 in 3 relevant academic subjects
Malaysia SPM (Malaysia Certificate of Education)  or Forecast results 45/C Third Class Honors in 5 relevant academic subjects including English and Maths
Singapore GCE O levels 4 B4s in 4 relevant academic subjects
Vietnam Diploma of Graduation from Secondary Education (Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung Hoc) 6.0 average
Russia / Kazakhstan / Ukraine Attestat Average grades of 3.0 in all subjects
Pakistan High Secondary Certificate (HSC) 50% in 4 relevant academic subjects
Jordan General Secondary Education Certificate (Tawjihi) 80% average in 4 relevant academic subjects
Qatar General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Al-Thanawaya Al-Amah) 70% average in 4 relevant academic subjects
Nigeria West African Senior School Certificate Grades 1-5 in relevant academic subjects
India Senior Secondary Certificate (CSB) 10+2 45%
Japan Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Kotogakka Sotsugyo Shosho) 3
USA Grade Point Average (GPA) 2.5+

Please Note: Countries not listed here will be measured against the US GPA equivalent.

If your academic grades qualify you for the scholarship, you will be paying a reduced tuition fee in your International Year One at Roosevelt University. 

Applying for a Scholarship

In order to be considered for a scholarship, you must

  1. complete the online application form for the next available start date
  2. download the scholarship application form (PDF icon 548Kb) and upload along with all other supporting documents

Funding Your University Study

Most international students who study at Roosevelt University use their own resources and the resources of their family to pay for their education.

There is limited financial assistance available for international students, but there are some sources of funding if you need help paying for university. However, be aware that there is a lot of competition for international student scholarships. Attaining high grades is a very important factor. More aid is available for graduate and research students, than for undergraduate study.

If you need a full scholarship to study at a US university, organizations in your own country can be good sources.