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Chicago ranked top 15 best student cities worldwide for University


ChicagoChicago, the 3rd largest city in the US and famous for so many reasons, has one more feather to add to its cap - it earned the rank of 15th Best Student City in the World in the 2012 list published by QS World University Rankings.

A fast-paced, high-rise economic hub, Chicago is home to several highly ranked US Universities that feed into the city's corporate world. Being a large metropolis, Chicago offers a cosmopolitan mix with representation of immigrants and international students from around the world. The city boasts a wide range of entertainment and events ranging from sports to music and theater, and often students can avail of discounts at venues by using their student ID cards. In addition, public transportation throughout the city and the greater Chicago area makes getting around the city both cheap and easy.

QS Best Student Cities 2012 is calculated based on 12 criteria, which are divided into five main categories: rankings, student mix, quality of living, employer reputation and affordability. The rankings category measures the number and quality of universities in each city by looking at their performance, while student mix is designed to look at the student make-up of the city, both overall and from an international perspective. While quality of living and affordability relate directly to students' university experience, the category of employer reputation measures the reputation of a city's graduates among employers.

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