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Student Interview: Jemima from Indonesia


Jemima from Indonesia

In this interview a graduate student from Indonesia talks about her experience at Roosevelt University and what she likes about studying in the US.

Question (Q): Please introduce yourself.

Jemima (J): My name is Jemima, and I am from Indonesia. I just finished my MBA program with concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication.

Q: Why did you decide to study overseas instead of in Indonesia?

J: It has been my dream since I was a kid to study on the other side of the world, especially in America. I have been living in Indonesia my whole life, but I also wanted to get a different education perspective. One day, I can influence people in my country about education.

Q: What was it like when you first got here?

J: When I first got here, I thought the accommodations and the facilities were amazing. People here are very helpful, especially the ones from the international department. They know that international students are not accustomed to this type of weather or culture, and they are very helpful. When I first got to Roosevelt University, it was one of the coldest days of the winter season but I had nothing to compare it to. It was all good to me!

Q: How do you find living in Chicago?

J: I love living here! When I arrived, I did not know a lot of Indonesian people here so I tried to find a community right away. Luckily, I became a part of a community that is diverse and has people from different backgrounds.

Q: Why did you choose to come to America over other parts of the world?

J: Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with American cartoons and TV series. When I was watching TV series, I wanted to experience the education and life in the culture myself.

Q: What has been your favorite part about being in America?

J: America is very diverse. When I got here, I thought I was going to be very different from the community. But everyone is so welcoming, and they embrace my culture. I am really excited about being a part of the community here. I think that is one of the most important things, especially if you are an international student. Not only studying but also making friends and building relationships – that is the biggest advantage of being an international student.

Q: How did Roosevelt University prepare you for work after graduation?

J: As an international student, I was allowed to work on campus. My job was Office Assistant, where I was helping with designing posters for classes or updating social media accounts. I also did an internship while I was finishing my MBA. It was really exciting! It included supplying textiles from developing countries like India, some African countries and even my home country, Indonesia.

Q: What would you say to an international student who is considering to study at Roosevelt University?

J: I would say that everybody is so nice here. I thought being on the other side of the world would be hard, but it turned out that everybody is nice and welcoming.

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