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Interview with MBA Student, Finance Major


Why did you choose Roosevelt University?

I did not come to the USA just to study. I came for experience, particularly to get more life skills. There is more freedom in this country and your possibilities are unlimited. Roosevelt University has a perfect location, in the heart of Chicago, and offers a great MBA program that I was looking for. American people are open-minded and very helpful, so it was quite easy to adjust. I still have a lot of responsibilities back in Thailand, so I have to go back after my graduation.

What responsibilities do you have in your home country?

I work for my family-owned company that does import from the USA. I am the second generation who is involved in this business. That is why I am here in the USA obtaining an MBA degree in Finance. I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Thailand. I also did an internship at Toyota Motors in Thailand. But I realized that I needed to polish my business skills, and then return to my home country and help my family with our business.

How would you describe a culture at Roosevelt?

At first I felt a little bit scared because I did not know anyone. Moreover, I did not understand why I had to study English at the International Study Center (ISC) if my goal was an MBA degree. But I ended up loving it. I made so many friends through the program who still remain the closest people I know in Chicago. I am deeply grateful to the ISC for a warm welcome and all the great teachers who were always willing to help.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who is planning to come to study in the USA?

I definitely recommend studying at the ISC, even if their English is quite good. Classes like critical thinking or American history are very useful and will be beneficial in your MBA program. One more recommendation that I would like to give to all international students is do not stick with people from your home country. I admit that it is good to have Thai friends because they understand you as no one else but it is an incredible and incomparable experience to make friends from the USA or any other part of the world. It is a lot of fun to learn new languages, explore other cultures, and try different food.

Who are your favorite professors at the university so far?

I admire professors who bring a real-life experience into the classroom and make sure that students understand. I would like to mention a professor of Statistics Kurpad Murthy and a Finance professor Henry Silverman. They always assist you, repeat as many times as you need, and what is more important, they always talk about their personal experiences or current world situation which makes you associate the book chapters with life.

What are your plans after graduation?

I might travel a little bit across the USA. But then I need to go back to my country and implement all my new knowledge into the family business. My parents invest in me so I need to help them in business afterwards. It puts a lot of pressure and responsibilities on me. Because people know that I am getting a degree in the USA, so I should come back with something, not just with a diploma but to bring much more value.

What do you think makes a successful business person?

The vision makes people successful. If you want to achieve something you need to have a goal, to clearly see what is the result you want to get in the end.

What do you admire in business? What do you like the most about business?

My dream is to do marketing. It is like magic for me. I like to meet new people, listen to people, and share my experience with them. I believe that a challenge every day is a necessity to improve yourself.

What do you like about Chicago? What places do you usually visit in your free time?

I have a lot. It’s incredible here! I like to explore the neighborhoods because they are all different. If you go to a coffee shop in the Loop, Argyle, or Chinatown, people and the atmosphere will be different. Chicago is incredibly diverse city. You will barely find elsewhere so many cultures gathered in one place. For example, I take food seriously. And I like to try new things - everything from the street food to Michelin-starred restaurants. I believe that Chicago has all the cuisines of the world, so I constantly find new places to go.

For some people Chicago weather can be an issue. How was it for you as your home country is so warm?

That is actually one more reason why I chose Chicago. Back in Thailand it is very hot, we have beautiful beaches and the sun all year long. I wanted to experience all four seasons. I like that here people enjoy every moment of summer - go to the beach, have picnics on the green grass or ride a bike along the Lakefront trail. While in winter Chicagoans get their warm and insulated clothing from the closet and go ice skating. It is cold but I enjoy it. Chicago has so many different activities any time of the year. You may not believe it but I go to the Michigan Lake even in winter.

Do you think that this experience of studying in the USA changed your personality?

Absolutely. A lot. I was a very short-tempered person and used to take everything very serious. Now I think that everything is possible, doable, and anything can be solved. You can ask for help if you need it. And everything will be fine. Asian people take each and every thing too seriously. For example, at school you can get only the highest grade. If your grade is any lower, you are not considered a responsible person. While in the US as long as you are trying, and understanding, everything is good.