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Student Interview: Vijay from Uganda


Vijay from Uganda

In this interview, an international student from Uganda talks about completing the Pre-Master’s program at the International Study Center at Roosevelt University and progressing to MBA program. After reading this interview, you will learn why he chose to study in Chicago and what he likes the most about the city.

Question (Q): Hello! What are you studying at Roosevelt University?

Vijay (VJ): Hi, my name is Vijay. I have completed the Pre-Master’s program at Roosevelt University’s International Study Center, and now I am completing my MBA in business.

Q: Why did you decide to come to America to study?

VJ: I had never been to America in my life before. I thought it would be a good exposure to different cultures. My favorite thing about America so far has been meeting new people from so many different cultures and visiting various new places around the country.

Q: What do you like about studying at Roosevelt University?

VJ: The thing I like the most about studying at Roosevelt University is its diversity. I have met so many people from different countries and was able to learn about their cultures. That has been very interesting.

Q: Why did you choose to study in Chicago?

VJ: Chicago is known to be one of the largest business cities, and that is one of the reasons I chose to study here. I like social life in Chicago, too. There are so many things to do outside, especially during summer. There are a lot of events happening around the city. I really liked an event called Lollapalooza. It is a big festival happening right down in Millennium Park.

Q: What was the Pre-Master’s Program at the International Study Center like?

VJ: It was very good because I advanced my English skills and got to learn how to write my research papers. The professors were really helpful, especially when I had to obtain recommendation letters. Now I am one of the youngest people in my MBA program. It is advantageous because I get to study with people who are experienced and who can guide me.

Q: Are you taking part in any type of an internship?

VJ: I am currently looking for an internship to get a real-life working experience in America. If I get an opportunity, I would like to stay and work in Chicago for a couple of years after graduation.

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