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Spring Break 2018


Spring Break in Chicago

While people are welcoming first days of spring, students are looking forward to one week off from school, or spring break, which started yesterday.

Roosevelt University students love to explore especially when the weather is inviting everyone outside. I am personally planning to rent a city bike and ride along the Chicago Lakefront trail. It is also a good time to go back to one of my favorite places in the city – the Navy Pier. A new interactive art installation of 25 pivoting prisms, each six feet tall, was presented recently in Polk Bros Park which right in front of the Navy Pier. If you ever played with kaleidoscope in your childhood you can’t miss a chance to enjoy this free activity called Prismatica.

Some students of Roosevelt University are very excited about their spring break plans and they shared them with me.

MBA student in Finance Jordan Verbauwhede is travelling with the college tennis team as he is an assistant coach for Illinois Institute of Technology. Jordan says: “Our destinations vary and this time we are going to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am also hoping to visit home at Manitowoc, Wisconsin to see my sister and parents.”

International MBA student from Macao, China, Waiieng Che has a list of places to visit and things to do in Chicago this spring break. At the top of her list is ice-skating in the parks. While the weather still allows, she wants to sharpen her ice-skating skills. Waiieng is certain that spring break is a great time to travel, so she is planning a trip to Florida with a few good friends from school.

One more Roosevelt University international student Jeffrey Firoz who came to Chicago from the Netherlands prefers to plan everything in advance. He has made a detailed plan for his summer break but that does not mean he will stay in the dorms for his spring break. Jeffrey says: “The weather is marvelous. Chicago is spoiling us. So I am planning to walk around with my friends as much as possible. On top of that I am going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a few days. It is very affordable to visit neighboring states but at the same time it’s a great adventure.”

Roosevelt University students are privileged to live and study in such diverse and thrilling city like Chicago. They like to explore the neighborhoods, taste the food, and venture out to learn new things. While school keeps everyone busy, spring break is that fresh breeze that inspires and recharges you mentally.