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  • Roosevelt University student Resident Assistant

    "The Wabash Building looks so awesome on the outside, and I know that years from now people are going to be talking about it and looking at this place as a model for what life in student housing should be. The tall windows give a beautiful view of the entire city. The view is breathtaking."

    Janessa Rivas, Elementary Education major (sophomore) and Resident Assistant
  • Roosevelt University buildings in downtown Chicago

    Chicago Campus

    Roosevelt University's campus is located in 6 building,s all in downtown Chicago within 15 minutes walk of each other:

    • Wabash Building (International Study Center, academic, housing, sports, student services)
    • Auditorium Building  (library and academic) - listed on the National Register of Historic Places
    • Gage Building (academic)
    • Lillian and Larry Goodman Center (sports)
    • University Center (housing)
    • Roosevelt on Washington (housing)

    Studying in Chicago

Study up, Live up: Roosevelt University Student Experience

In 2012, Roosevelt University opened the Wabash Building - an impressive "vertical campus" community. It is called a "vertical campus" because all the student facilities and services are in one tall building in a city center setting. This contrasts to many American university campuses which are constructed over a larger area of land.

Vertical campus fast facts

  • 32-story building
  • 143 meters tall
  • 2nd tallest university building in the USA and 6th tallest in the world!
  • 633 beds on residential floors
  • 300-person dining facility
  • 14 classrooms
  • 10 science laboratories
  • 38,516 square meters in total
  • 1,300 square meter fitness center
  • 743 square meters of green roof
  • Construction began in May 2010 and finished in March 2012
Students relaxing in Chicago's Grant ParkLife on campus is centered around the Wabash Building that is adjacent and attached to the historic Auditorium Building. Because Roosevelt University is located directly across from Grant Park, students use this mile-long green space as their "quad". Beyond Grant Park is Lake Michigan.

Under One Roof

This 32-story, steel and glass vertical campus has everything a university student could need under one roof: classrooms, laboratories, residence rooms, student services, a dining hall, fitness facilities, etc. (See full list on the right.) Roosevelt University's vertical campus is a unique student experience.

A connecting bridge from the 2nd floor of the Wabash Building to the next door Auditorium Building makes it very convenient - and warm for those cold winter months.

Outstanding Brand New Facilities

Learning Center in the School of Business at Roosevelt University

When you progress onto your degree program, you will study with the Chicago skyline as your backdrop -  on Floors 6 to 13 of the new Wabash Building - in state-of-the-art labs and fully equipped classrooms. Academic facilities for business and science students are outstanding. The new business center includes a trading room, corporate conference rooms, learning lab design classrooms, a student store for entrepreneurial ventures, and a professional development center.

Floors 1 to 5 house student and administrative services, student activities, plus dining and fitness facilities.

Student Rooms with a View

Student residences on the top 17 floors of the Wabash Building offer breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the city of Chicago.

Rewarding Student Activities

Center for Student Involvement Student organizations
The more you engage in campus activities, the more successful your university years will be! The Center coordinates educational, cultural, leadership, orientation, and community service programs for Roosevelt University students. Stay connected with the Roosevelt community and the city of Chicago! The Student Activities Board organizes many free events for Roosevelt students:

  • celebrations for cultural months such as Latino History Month and African American History Month
  • musicians
  • college fairs
  • comedians
  • family events
  • discounted tickets for events in the city
There are many active student organizations at Roosevelt University, which provide opportunities to enhance your university experience. You will meet other students, network with professionals, and improve your leadership skills. A vibrant atmosphere and spaces for student organizations to thrive are provided in the Student Union (Floors 2-5 of the Wabash Building). Here you will find:

  • sororities, fraternities and honor societies chapters
  • Student Government Association
  • Black Student Union
  • 40+ clubs
  • choral group, radio station, dance group, and student newspaper
  • international student clubs: Asian Student Alliance, Association of Latin American Students, Roosevelt International Society

LEED Gold certification for Wabash BuildingVery 'Green' Building

The Wabash Building is Gold LEED-Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is an internationally recognized green building program. LEED-certified buildings meet LEED requirements for sustainability, water efficiency, energy usage, materials and indoor environmental air quality. 'Gold' is the 2nd highest certification level possible. 

Roosevelt University's vertical campus has many energy-efficient and green-design features, including:

  • efficient heating and cooling systems
  • efficient water usage with low-flow pumping systems
  • rooftop gardens
  • use of natural lighting and lighting-control system
  • use of renewable energy credits
  • reuse of 95 percent of all construction waste that would have gone to landfills
  • renewable and recycled flooring throughout the building
  • use of Forest Stewardship Council-certified sustainable wood products
  • improved indoor air quality (use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints)
  • recycling chute, pulper and composting systems
  • indoor bicycle storage area
  • innovative use of a small and unique urban land site

Vertical Campus Floor By Floor

15th to 31st floor

Student residences (633 beds in private or shared rooms)

18 rooms for resident assistants

Student lounges

15th floor

Student laundry: 20 washing machines and 22 dryers

Media room

14th floor

Office of Residence Life

Student mailboxes

Recreation room

Vending machines and community kitchen

13th floor

University executive offices

12th floor

Marshall Bennett School of Real Estate

Trading floor classroom

11th floor

Heller College of Business classrooms

Student-run entrepreneur store

10th floor

Heller College of Business faculty offices

Learning lab and tiered-seating classrooms

Classroom in Roosevelt University's Wabash Building

7th, 8th and 9th floor

3 labs for research in biology and chemistry

6 teaching labs for biology, chemistry and physics

Tissue-culture and microscopy labs

6th floor

2 auditorium-style classrooms (up to 108 students)

5th floor

Barry Crown Fitness Center

4th floor

Video conference room

Meeting rooms

3rd floor

Student Services

Center for Student Involvement

Career Development

TV lounge

Ticket office for student events

Student organization headquarters

Multi-purpose student event area (up to 120 people)

2nd floor

Dining Center and cafeteria

Coffee Shop

Market selling groceries

Connecting bridge to adjoining Auditorium Building

1st floor

Offices of Admission

Student Accounts


24/7 security

Bicycle Storage


University bookstore